1998-1999 Concert Season

October 12, 1998: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Eat the Magic Cookie!  for soundfile -- Michael Angell
Food for Thought for chamber ensemble -- Donald E. Ashworth, Jr.
Numen for soundfile -- Monroe Golden
"En La Mano De Dios" for speaker and piano -- Daniel Gilliam
Order for soundfile -- J. Brandon Robertson
Amalgam I for oboe and tape -- Charles Norman Mason
Feminine Fur Coat for guitar -- Emily Cotney
Sphaera for piano and tape -- William Albright

January 26, 1999: Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham
Short Sonata for piano -- Mark Chambers
String Quartet no. 2 -- Monroe Golden
Solitude for solo flute -- Donald E. Ashworth, Jr.
Songs of Reminiscence for tenor and piano -- Dorothy Hindman
Infinity for flute, cello, and piano -- Philip Schuessler
Asa Nisi Masa for soundfile -- Michael Angell
Sonata for cello and piano -- Dennis Kam

March 15, 1998: University of Montevallo
James Bishop
Three Chinese Songs - Ed Robertson
Tetrad Equinox -- Lori Neprud-Ardovino
Cipeku -- Monroe Golden
Beyond the Cloud of Unknowing -- Dorothy Hindman
Departing Flights -- Don Freund

May 10, 1999: Samford University
Jim Jensen � ��before the morning watch� (percussion ensemble)
Emily Cotney � His Flying Pegasus (clarinet and violin)
Dorothy Hindman � Dances (clarinet, marimba, and piano)
Brandon Robertson � Thopth (organ)
Ben Johnston -- Ponder Nothing (clarinet)
Charles Norman Mason � Windage (organ)
Monroe Golden � Drift (two pianos)
Robert Stanton � Sonata for English Horn and Harp
Ben Johnston -- Alap and Progression (bass)

June, 1999: Classical Oasis
Works by Michael Angell, Ronald Clemmons, Monroe Golden, Dorothy Hindman, Charles Norman Mason, and Eric Posey.

July 19, 1999: Hoover Library Theater
Dido and Aeneas for CD-ROM -- Kristine Burns
Middle Journey for piano -- Mary Rives
ze for soundfile -- Brandon Robertson
Daphne at Sea (excerpt) for soprano, mezzo-soprano, and piano -- Charles Norman Mason
Oh, My Phoebus! for trombone -- Joe L. Alexander
Garlands for soundfile -- Kristine Burns